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Q: What do the goats eat?
A: Our goats diet consists of pasture plants like grass, clover, lucerne plus hay and silage in the winter when the fresh grass growth isn't so good. All of this is grown and cut on farm and brought to them. Occasionally if the goats need to put on weight they are given supplementary feeds like grain, but it is only occasional and for a specific purpose.
Q: Is your product pasteurized?
A: Yes it is pasteurized in New Zealand as part of the drying process. This is legally required for export and also for public consumption in the United States.
Q: From what age can people eat goat milk powder?
A: We recommend that people can consume our product from the age of 1 year old, and can continue to consume it until they are over 100 years if they like!! Our product is not infant formula so should not be substituted for that or for breast milk to feed infants.
Q: Can I use this product if I am lactose intolerant?
Q: What does goat milk taste like?
A: In short, it doesn’t taste too much different to cows milk, but if you have tried goat cheese you will know that goat cheese has a very specific “tang” about it. Our goat milk has a subtle tang just like the cheese does, but it is much less pronounced than in the cheese. It doesn’t taste barney or gamey or dirty or some of the other things that people might think of when they think about goats. It’s actually a very clean and fresh tasting product!
Q: Can I substitute goat milk for cows milk in baking and other applications?
A: Yes you can, just mix up the amount that you need with water and bake away!
Q: Do you make bigger size cans?
A: At this stage no but it is something that we are looking into for future. We will keep you posted!